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He is the “Old Christmas Man” circa 1570 of southern Germany and some regions of East Germany. He carries a tree and bag. Most of these were made of wood, some however were made of paper mache and contained little candies. 10 ¼ inch


Victorian Kris Kringle with hand carved back and side baskets of toys, cane or staff in hand. This figure is a large detailed carving depicting a Victorian Kris Kringle with approximately 20 toys of that era. The elaborately carved toys are in the two hand carved baskets and his two front pockets. It can include favorite childhood toys. Comes on a base. 16 inches


Santa is sitting on a bench dozing off, his boots, bag, and unfinished wagon are at his feet. A wagon wheel and hammer are still in his hand. 5 ¾ inch


Hand carved side basket of puppies and tree in hand. This is a variation of St. Nicholas Protector of Animals. The basket may contain baby animals of your choice. 7 1/2 inches


With a hand carved back basket and two pairs of animals, this Santa has an animal in one hand and an ark in the other. Santa is wearing a medieval Father Christmas typical dress of the 1300’s. Here he is shown with Biblical educational toys of Noah’s Ark and animals. 8 1/2 inches


Circa 1890’s with hand carved back basket filled with sticks or dried flowers on a base. He was the patron saint of Russia circa 987 AD and later adopted by Italy, Norway, France, and England. 7 1/2 inches


Santa is heading to bed in his nightgown, nightcap, bunny slippers, candle, and his favorite treat, a bag of Hershey kisses (or something of your choosing.) 7 1/4 inches.


Santa with Packages A stack of packages loads down Santa. 5 1/2 inches.


Traditional long coated Santa carrying a goose and a bag. Santa can be painted any color. 7 1/2 inches.


Santa coming from a carved wooden box is approximately 3 inches on a side. All four sides plus the lid are carved in low relief with candles, star, bells, holly wreath, etc. 7 inches



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